Buyer & Seller Leads 
With Manual Human Follow-Up
Our team will generate leads, qualify them, and hand them off to you on a silver platter.
387% more leads into clients...
  • Cold Calling is Dead.  Our Team Will Make The First Connection So You Only Deal With Warm Leads Who Want to Connect
  • Get Actual ROI -  With New & Exclusive Leads With a Powerful Team That Follows up For You
  • Guaranteed Results... Marketing Done in YOUR Name! Plus 6 CLOSED TRANSACTIONS Guaranteed! 
Forget Sales Copy, Here's Some Actual Results!

“Literally within the 1st day I received 20 leads with 4 money spent thus far, with social media campaigns that actually work!"
-Crystal C.

 Agent Fanchon M made over $100,000 in GCI from our system.
 Agent Terrence H. got 24 approved buyers in 90 days!
Agent Barbara V. had 2 approved buyers in the first 2 weeks!

Real Estate Broker Wrenchel S. made over $50,000 from our booked appointments.
Darrell S. got 7 booked appointments & 2 to the lender within weeks!

Keller Williams Geba M. made over $50,000 in GCI her first year (now $100k annually) from our system.

Agent Jennifer S. has 6 closing lined up from the program 
Keller Williams James D. made over $22,000 from our booked appointments.
 Realtor Chris P. "working with 4 buyers in the first month" 

Real estate agents and brokers:

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